Sunday, October 3, 2010

Game Idea: Shine On

Yes, this is a Pink Floyd reference.

Not a very developed idea yet, but the concept revolves around crazy diamonds.

It would be a side scrolling platform game, and instead of collecting gold the game character would collect diamonds. These diamonds would be unavoidable at times, and would also be useful at times. The catch is that they are alive and violent.

The character would automatically pick up diamonds once encountered and place them in a sack. Like in traditional platform games, the sack is not heavy or visible. The only problem (for the character's) well-being is that when there are over fifty diamonds in the sack, a diamond jumps out of the sack and takes out an eye, making the screen blurry. If this happens a second time, the screen goes dark and navigating through the level becomes extremely difficult.

Having some diamonds is necessary for survival because when attacked by an enemy, the enemy will either steal a few diamonds or kill the adventuring hero. The need to maintain a moderate amount of currency introduces strategic elements that should set this apart from other side-scrollers.

This would ideally be a mobile app selling for $2-$3.

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