Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rapid Readsponse

People, in general, do not like to read. If that were not the case, it would be easier to draw attention to this blog. Because of this, it seems that a lot of people miss a lot of information because they are unwilling or unable to devote the time necessary to read what they should be reading. Out of these multitudes that don't read much, a good portion would probably pay money if they could have other people read for them and let them know about the important parts.

Rapid Readsponse would be a rapid-response reading company that would hire people based on strength of reading skills as well as strength of character. The company would need to provide confidentiality and non-disclosure forms to employees because some information might be sensitive, and they would also need to provide forms (worded as simply as possible) to clients confirming that Rapid Readsponse employees are in fact authorized to read documents and/or websites provided by the client. Clients would have the option to send what needs to be read to Rapid Readsponse via secure snail mail or a very secure web server and then quickly go over he gis of it via phone, or they could opt to pay more to have an employee travel to the client's home and read what needs to be read over there. It would probably also need to be extra money if the documents contain complex legal or medical language since that might require an expert.

I think this would have a real shot as a legit business. What do you think?

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