Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Media Map

This is an app idea that I literally just came up with right after I started this "Startup Concepts" blog. It would consist of a map of the world, but instead of names of places it would feature books, movies and songs that feature those places. Only one place per piece of media, so books and movies would be put where they primarily take place. Sleepless in Seattle would be in Seattle, Gone With the Wind in Atlanta, the song "Kansas City" would be in Missouri and less obvious media titles would be placed at the discretion of employees.

Once media works are placed on the map, users could mouse over them to see what works take place in their city or in whatever other place that they're curious about. Double clicking on it could lead to the Amazon page for that product, with the affiliate links being the main source of revenue. Users could zoom in and out, just like with regular maps, for easier searching, and they would also be able to narrow down the maps to only have media items that fit within certain parameters such as year released and genre.

There could also be a quizzes section of the app, with the quizzes often requiring using the app in order to make answering the questions easier. If cheating can be guarded against, higher scores on the quizzes could earn a user increased privileges such and being able to message employees with advice regarding missing or misplaced media products or even earn moderation rights and/or a chance to work for the app.

Finally, this would heavily utilize researchers and therefore create at least a few jobs for people who majored in History and other Liberal Arts subjects.

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